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Electronica 2018

November 13,2018- November 16,2018 Munich, Germany News Center

The leading international trade fair electronica and conference is the very first place to see which components, systems, applications and solutions make new developments such as smart homes and connected cars possible in the first place.

WAYON Booth Information: Hall A6.459

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 The Electronica Munich is the most well-known and influential international exhibition in the electronics industry. It is the grandest exhibition that Wayon has ever held in terms of floor space (42 square meters) and attending personnel. In addition to the protection component devices display, the exhibition is also featured by the first show of the company own developed SJ MOSFET and protection IC.

WAYON’s special international booth style and high-end and break through products has drawn partners from all over the world and end customers from Europe and America to visit. Meanwhile it has received good credits from domestic exhibitors and partners. 

Visitors either make information exchanges, or inquire specific products, or discuss with engineers on the new products and solutions. The exhibition has attracted many distributors from Europe, North America, Asia, especially Germany that take the initiative of addressing the intention for long term partnership. WAYON will further strengthen its product research, development and innovation and expand the international market to be the global preferred protection device and power semiconductor supplier for international end customers. 

Live Pictures

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