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Electronica India 2018

September 26,2018- September 28,2018 Bangalore, India News Center

Founded in 2000, electronica India is now the leading platform in India focusing on electronic components, systems and applications.

WAYON Booth Information: Hall 4. EG47

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 Electronica is the second exhibition of wayon hold in India in this year. The main targets of this time is to interact with more potential customers and current customers, and take this opportunity to have deeply technical communication and do market research at the same time.
More visitors were attracted by WAYON SUPER JUNCTION MOSFET products, especially by wayon advanced compact and ultra thin or small package, like SOT-223-2L.TO-220ISO, TO-SSOF SL package etc..
Our partners from all the whole India invited their end customers to visit our booth for a face-to-face communication with Wayon Team. Wayon got high praise by our partners and customers because of professional technology and quick response. The exhibition’s infomartion also provides important guidance for the development direction and design focus of Wayon further new products.

Live Pictures

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