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PCIM Europe 2018

June 5,2018- June 7,2018 Nuremberg, Germany News Center

PCIM Europe (Power conversion and Intelligent Motion) is the international leading exhibition for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management.

WAYON Booth Information: HALL 6 Booth No.338

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From June 5 to June 7, Wayon attended PCIM 2018 held in Nuremberg, Germany. WAYON exhibited Super Junction Mosfet products and also lectured the new generation roadmap and performance improvement of them in the fair seminar.
The main theme of thie fair is related to Power Semiconductors, many global famous semiconductor companies attened this Expo to share MOSFET,IGBT new products e.g. made of new SIC materials.However, WAYON’s new lauched WMA product as the integration of superior heat dissipation ability because of outside metal case but inner isoltated at the same time, which is exclusive product available in the world so far, this product attracted a lot of visitors including global competitors to visit and learn it.

Live Pictures

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